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Avoid Penalties Related to OSHA Heat Regulations.

Help your employees acclimate to extreme temperatures using our free template.  


What Are Heat Acclimatization Requirements?

Heat acclimatization is the process of getting workers accustomed to high temperatures at work,  required under OSHA's new National Emphasis Program. Previous work experience, health and wellness, and gaps between working days can impact a worker's acclimatization schedule. 


Acclimatized Contractors Work Better.

While it can be difficult to manage each contractor's schedule, heat acclimatization has essential benefits:

  • Causes less strain to the heart and other vital organs
  • Improves sweating, which cools down the body faster
  • Increases a worker's ability to perform a physical task in the heat

Track Your Employees Easily.

We developed a heat acclimatization template to make tracking worker hours in the heat simple. Our editable document is broken down into sections for new and experienced Workers, making individual schedules easier to manage.


Download Our Heat Acclimatization Schedule.