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  • safety consulting
  • safety consulting
  • safety consulting


Safety Consulting Services

We are here to help you with your safety challenges.  Our areas of expertise include:

  • Safety Management System Auditing
  • Monitoring of Client Procurement Websites (ISNetworld®*, Avetta, PEC Premier, etc.)
  • Process Safety Management
  • Site Safety Inspections
  • Safety Meetings
  • Training
  • Safety Compliance Tools
  • Staffing & Recruiting Services

*ISNetworld® is a registered trademark of ISN Software Corporation.  SafetyPro Resources, LLC is an independent safety consulting firm and is in no way endorsed, sponsored, approved by, or otherwise affiliated with ISNetworld®. 

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About Our Blog

Our blog provides safety professionals, managers and administrators with tips, news and advice to help improve their company's safety performance.  We post articles to the blog four times a month, covering topics such as ISNetworld® compliance, safety management systems, new regulations, and more.  


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