How to Audit Your Job Safety Analysis ("JSA") Program

Posted by
Lance Roux
on Jan 2, 2014

job safety analysisYour Job Safety Analysis ("JSA") Program should be audited regularly to make sure that it is working as intended to help you reduce accidents.  We recommend randomly selecting a sampling of JSA's from your files (about 15-20% of your total number of JSAs) for auditing.  Here are some of the items you should be looking for as you review the JSAs:

  • Is the task description sufficiently detailed?
  • If periodic reviews are required by your policy, are the review dates current?
  • Is the location of the work correctly identified?
  • Is the JSA legible and detailed enough to assure employees understand the risks and mitigations?
  • Does the JSA sufficiently address the behavior and actions of each employee?
  • Are the mitigation steps required actually able to be performed by the team members?
  • Has the JSA been approved for use by the supervisor or management?
  • Are all entries filled out?

We also recommend that the auditor go into the field to make sure that the JSAs are being used effectively. This should include:

  • Observation of JSA meetings to ensure that meetings are being conducted and the necessary employees are involved and engaged in the process.
  • Determining whether management has budgeted sufficient time to complete the JSA planning process.
  • Observation of the post-job critique to make sure participants are engaged in the process and encouraged to report how their task proceeded.

Your audit process should also include a mechanism for reporting deficiencies in the process and determining and following up on corrective actions.  

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