Safety Management Services


Safety and OSHA Compliance Professional

Safety is a priority for your company, but it doesn’t have to be a burden.

  • Stay focused on growing your business while keeping your employees safe and OSHA compliant.
  • Easy to implement monthly safety services without breaking the budget.
  • Customizable for mobile workforces or individual projects.
  • Well-trained and experienced safety professionals you can trust. 

Our Custom Services:

* Outsourcing safety management and compliance tasks just makes sense.

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* Monthly Safety Management Services for Louisiana & Gulf Coast Contractors

We can handle as much or as little as you need. We can do it all or just fill in the gaps where your team needs some help. We prefer to work with companies on a monthly basis, your most economical option. But we can also accommodate special projects or provide selective safety training.

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* Contractor Pre-qualification Database Management

 Keeping your safety compliance information current in each risk management database is important, but extremely time-consuming. Our process is efficient and comprehensive. This is something we handle for many of our clients. We would be happy to add you to our list. 

Read more about our Pre-qualification Database Management

* Job Site Safety Auditing

OSHA can show up on your job at any time. Welcome them with confidence. With unbiased safety audits performed by our professional safety consultants, you can rest assured that your job sites have already passed an internal inspection. Our consultants have extensive experience in many industries and projects of all sizes in Louisiana and around the Gulf Coast. 

Read more about our Job Site Safety Auditing 

* Employee Safety Meetings

Our safety professionals can conduct safety meetings with your employees on a variety of topics. These meetings can be done before the start of a project, as part of a regular safety program schedule or performed as a follow-up to an incident. 

* Safety Program Development and Implementation

You may have a safety manual, but is it current? Have the procedures been implemented? We provide you with a custom-built safety plan complete with clear and actionable safety manuals, field forms, custom safety videos, labor law posters, and first-aid kits.


It’s not enough to make you look safe on paper; the safety of your people is our ultimate goal.