construction SAFETY AUDITING

Prevention Is Always the Smartest Choice

it's time for a construction Safety Audit.

Don’t Let OSHA or an Injury Uncover Your Safety Issues 

Do you know if your contractors and employees are adhering to your company’s required safety processes?

Are all regulatory standards being met?

Every year millions of disabling injuries occur in the workplace. That is why there is a need to actively enforce a well-formulated safety plan, to help minimize the number of incidents. 

An unbiased construction safety audit can help identify opportunities for improvement and develop a detailed plan to help eliminate those risks. 

Our auditing process includes:

  • Risk analysis
  • Safety promotion
  • Assessments of human reliability
  • Accident and near-miss investigations
  • Safety training, if needed 

We will present you with recommendations to help you take appropriate action on our findings, arming you with all the information you need to patch the holes in your safety program. 

We’re here to help and advise, not to punish.

Our safety specialists are well-trained professionals who approach safety audits as an opportunity for a workforce to learn and improve, not punishment. It is this approach of helping rather than enforcement that gains the trust and confidence of the contractors and crews we work with. Trust encourages follow-through, and that’s the goal, right? 

You can learn more about Construction Safety Audits here with our recent Blog detailing why you should consider an audit and Download our free guide to safety compliance:  11 Reasons to conduct regular Safety Audits


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