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“Lance is a motivated asset to any team. He and his team are sincerely dedicated to providing for the well-being to both employee and business partners. His primary skill in my opinion is utilizing his resources to get the job done.”

- Tanya Guidry, CSP, Contractor HE&S Coordinator at Chevron

Safety Auditing

safety_auditing_FeaturedIs your current safety program the most effective one possible? Are your contractors adhering to your company’s required safety processes as well as regulatory standards? Our safety audit process can help identify areas of opportunity and develop a program that will help eliminate those risks.

Every year there are millions of disabling injuries that occur in the work place and it is essential to have a well formulated safety plan in place to minimize incidents. To do this we perform a through audit that includes risk analysis, safety promotion, assessments of human reliability, accident and near-miss investigations and the arrangement of safety training if needed.

At the conclusion of the audit we will present you with recommendations to help you turn our words into action.


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