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Monthly Safety Management Services


Your time is valuable. 

You've got better things to do.

Why not outsource Safety Management to a professional?



  • Stay focused on growing your business while keeping your employees safe and OSHA compliant.
  • It's easy to implement monthly safety management packages without breaking the budget.
  • Can be customized for mobile work forces or projects requiring additional services.
Click Here to learn more and gain peace of mind by outsourcing safety management. 

Here's a quick overview of the services we offer:

Procurement Website Compliance and Monitoring

We know you may need help to stay compliant with Avetta, PEC Premier, CANQual, Browz, XNet, Appruv, First Verify, Complyworks, and ISNetworld®*.  Breathe easy knowing that we'll work to ensure that you remain compliant.  

Safety Inspections and Auditing

OSHA can show up on your job anytime.  Our safety experts will help ensure that your job site is safe and OSHA compliant.  Our consultants have extensive experience with projects of all industries and sizes. Our safety consultants will audit your safety program to ensure you're doing what you say you're doing in your safety manual.

Safety Management Meetings

Our safety professionals can conduct your safety meetings on a variety of topics.  These meetings can be done before the start of a project, a refresher or performed as a follow-up to an incident.

Safety Program Development and Implementation

You may have a safety manual, but what has been implemented?  We provide you with a custom-built safety plan complete with a workable safety manuals, field forms, custom safety videos, labor law posters and first-aid kits.

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*ISNetworld® is a registered trademark of ISN Software Corporation. SafetyPro Resources, LLC is an independent safety consulting firm and is in no way endorsed, sponsored, approved by, or otherwise affiliated with ISNetworld®.

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