Is Your Workplace Green? Addressing Environmental Sustainability

Posted by
Lance Roux
on Nov 19, 2019


“One day it’s here and the next it’s gone. . ."

I’ve heard that quote used to represent a number of different things over the years. As our planet ages, our population expands, and our consumption grows, it begs the question: How long will our resources be around?

Environmental Sustainability is a concept built on the idea of the conservation of resources (Water, Land, etc.) and conscious efforts to ensure the environment is upheld for future generations. The reality is that our resources are not infinite, and we all play a role in their consumption one way or another.

As awareness grows, it must become commonplace to ensure that workplaces are operating responsibly. Practices such as properly disposing of waste produced from processes, recycling “waste” to be used for another purpose, conserving use of water when possible, reducing emissions and substituting hazardous chemicals for bio-friendly alternatives can all have a positive environmental affect.

Education on the importance of sustainability is also important in getting everyone on the team on board and actively supporting a company’s efforts. Management should set goals for progressively moving towards cleaner operations and reducing wasteful outputs over time; by having a structured plan, a company can map out a route for success. 

Having a sustainable business shows that you are committed to creating a brighter tomorrow for future generations. Taking the time to reanalyze current processes may lead to companies not necessarily switching to a “greener” process but improving processes already in place and making them less wasteful. All the industry’s problems cannot and will not be solved overnight, or even over a year, but every effort from workplaces around the world will add up. It’s not always easy to embrace change, but some change is necessary in order to grow. Embracing sustainability in the workplace can benefit the business and leave a positive example for other businesses to follow. So, the next time you evaluate your company, add sustainability to the agenda and plant the seed for lasting, thriving tomorrow!

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