ISNetworld® Compliance: Developing Effective Safety Programs

Posted by
Lance Roux
on Oct 23, 2013


When working with our clients on their ISNetworld® Compliance, we find that many of them have problems with their safety programs.  Many contractors purchase cookie cutter safety plans online just to be able to submit them to ISNetworld® but the plans are never actually properly customized to reflect their actual operations or even implemented.  

This practice, while it may help you pass your initial review with ISNetworld®, is not a good idea for the success of your company in the long run.  

Best Practices for ISNetworld® Compliance

  1. Figure out the safety requirements that are imposed by the owner operator you are seeking to get qualified with and compare your existing safety programs against the requirements.  You are basically doing an internal audit to make sure your programs meet all of the requirements.
  2. Make a list of the areas where you have gaps and determine what corrective actions are needed to ensure ISNetworld® Compliance.  It is important not to misrepresent training records or documents just to get through this step.
  3. Determine what safety programs are missing or need to be amended to comply with ISNetworld® requirements.  Or if you have the necessary programs, make sure you document the implementation of these plans.
  4. Make sure the safety programs you develop for submittal to ISNetworld® accurately reflect your company's operations and address the relevant hazards.  A cookie cutter plan downloaded from the internet can be a good starting point but will need to be carefully reviewed and customized to fit your company.
  5. Make sure you actually implement the safety programs you submit to ISNetworld®.  A safety program that is just on paper does not do you or your employees any good, and could end up hurting your company.  You may be audited by the companies you do business with and they will need to see evidence that any required safety programs or training were actually implemented by your company.
  6. If you are strapped for time and need help making all of this happen, you may want to hire a safety consultant to assist you with this process.  Many safety consulting firms offer turn-key safety management services and can support you on a monthly basis to make sure your company has the right safety programs to comply with ISNetworld® and that these safety programs are actually implemented so your employees stay safe. 

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