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Posted by
Lance Roux
on Oct 3, 2019

For organizations that are required to have accounts with ISNetworld®, PEC, Avetta, and other contractor management websites, the color green can mean two things: money and compliance. For many, these sites provide a means for connecting to companies that can supply them with the work they are looking for. Being in compliance can be the difference between landing a job and being left at the gate. Here are a few tips for navigating and keeping your accounts in compliance.

1. Check the Dates on Documents

There's nothing worse than submitting a document for review and getting back a "Rejected" status. One of the reasons this could happen is from having an expired or incorrect date on the document. For example, if you are submitting an OSHA log for 2018 but it says 2017, even if the other stats are accurate, the log will be rejected. Taking the time to double check on these small details can save time and hassle later on.


2. Beware of the Review Time

Continuing with documents, another piece of information to keep in mind is that documents aren't always "validated" immediately. If you wait until the last minute for example, to submit an updated Certificate of Insurance the day before a job is supposed to start, it may not get approved in time for you to start work. It is good practice to submit updated/renewed copies of documents as soon as you get them. This will help prevent any delay in work.


3. Make Sure Documents are in PDF

This is an easy one, but can be easily forgotten. Make sure all documents are converted to PDF before attempting to submit them.


4. Take Advantage of Customer Service

At some point, you may find yourself knowing that something was rejected or needs to be revised, but aren't sure on how to interpret the reviewer's notes left on your account. If you haven't already, try using the handy chat feature or giving the customer service line a call; they will be able to look at your account with you and help you to get a better understanding of what is required to be in compliance.


5. Check Your Training Sign-in Sheets

When it comes to submitting your company's proof of training, there are 5 elements that should be included: the company name, training course, the instructor's name, the employees' names, and the date of the training.


6. Keep an Eye on Grading Requirements

Many contractor management sites use a basis of "grading" that can determine whether or not a contractor can work for a certain hiring client. These sites may use data such as incident statistics, insurance, submitted contracts, etc. to populate a grade. Always make sure that information related to your company's grade is accurate and up to date in your accounts in order to keep your grade as high as possible.


When kept up to date, these procurement sites are a powerful tool and cannot only help you stay in compliance with your clients, but can be a tool to help you gauge areas where your company can improve and highlight areas that your company excels at. If you are going to pay to keep your subscriptions active, why not make the most of your accounts? Be proactive so that when an opportunity is presented, your company will be in compliance and ready to get the job done.


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