Preventing Vehicle Back Over and Struck-By Accidents

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Lance Roux
on Jun 17, 2021


Construction and transportation are at the top of the list when it comes to industries with vehicle back over and struck-by accidents. 

Hundreds of people are killed each year in struck-by and back-over vehicle accidents on the job, both workers and nearby pedestrians.

The tragedy of these accidents is that they are almost always preventable if the recommended safety protocols are followed by drivers and workers on the job. Consider these top safety protocols for preventing vehicle back over and struck-by accidents.

Reducing Risks of Back-Over Accidents

Construction and transportation workers are at higher risk for injuries by vehicles, especially back over accidents. While pedestrians and other people in the vicinity of large trucks and commercial vehicles can be hit by backing vehicles, workers are at the highest risk. Dump trucks, tractor-trailers, and other trucks are amongst the most common vehicles involved in backover injuries and fatalities. Forklifts and garbage trucks are also highly involved in serious back-over work accidents.

Reducing risks of back-over accidents is not only on the driver of the vehicle but is also on supervisors, project managers, and workers on the job site. For construction sites, an internal traffic control plan should be devised to decrease foot traffic and vehicle routes intersecting. Other protocols that can be put in place to reduce back-over accidents on any job site include:
Always use spotters for backing vehicles

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* Workers should always be wearing reflective and bright safety apparel
* Drivers should be constantly checking blind spots while backing vehicles
* Daily safety huddles to discuss hazard areas for workers to avoid each day
* Backup cameras, alarms, and other technology can improve driver visibility

With everyone working together on job sites, back-over accidents can be greatly reduced or eliminated, but it requires constant awareness. Revisiting back over accident prevention safety training periodically can keep these tactics fresh in the mind of all workers.

Preventing Struck-By Vehicle Accidents

Struck-by accidents are one of the “fatal four” in the construction industry and major concerns in transportation jobs. Vehicle struck-by accidents can involve passenger vehicles or normal traffic on roadways for roadway workers, but the most common source of struck-by vehicle worker accidents is job site vehicles. Employers have a duty to protect workers from struck-by accidents. According to OSHA, some of the safety employer requirements for preventing struck-by accidents include:

* Conduct hazard assessments of vehicles on the job site
* Post traffic safety and warning signs near points of hazards
* Use barricades as needed
* Provide safety training for all workers/drivers
* Provide personal protection equipment (PPE)
* Make sure all drivers and vehicle/equipment operators are licensed or certified

Construction zones on roadways and building sites can have many vehicles and on-foot workers close in proximity. It is vital to have a solid safety program in place geared toward preventing struck-by vehicle accidents to keep workers safe from serious injuries and fatalities.

Vehicle back over and struck-by injuries are amongst the most serious types of workplace accidents or hazards. Our safety experts at SafetyPro Resources can help your organization implement a safety program that can reduce risks of vehicle back-over and struck-by accidents. Call our office today to talk to one of our safety consultants to learn more about our training, safety management, and other services in the Gulf Coast region.

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