Safety Auditing: What It’s Like Working with SafetyPro

Posted by
Lance Roux
on Nov 15, 2022

Every year, millions of injuries occur in the workplace. These disabling injuries are almost entirely preventable with a well-formulated safety plan and employees/contractors that adhere to safety processes. An unbiased safety audit helps identify opportunities for improvement and develop a personalized plan to eliminate risks.

If you’ve wondered about safety auditing with SafetyPro Resources, here’s an overview of what is involved, plus tips on when and why to  consider a safety audit.

Benefits of a Third-Party Safety Audit

Safety audits offer several important benefits to your company and your workers. These can include, but are not limited to: 

  1. Identifying operational risks for injuries and accidents 
  2. Ensuring compliance with applicable OSHA safety standards 
  3. Increasing company-wide awareness of safety issues, risks, and processes 
  4. Saving your company expensive costs over time 

Moreover, a third-party safety professional is unbiased and can identify risks and offer solutions in a non-judgmental way—an essential component of keeping your employees safe on the job.

When You Need a Safety Audit

How do you know when your company needs a safety audit? Safety audits are necessary in many different scenarios, and SafetyPro Resources is always ready to respond to your request. Companies should schedule a safety audit: 

  1. When evaluating prospective contractors for a project (this represents about 75% of our clients)
  2. When a company has had a string of accidents or perceives a negative trend, including declining KPIs (this represents about 25% of our clients) 
  3. At new job sites, before beginning a project

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How SafetyPro Conducts a Safety Audit

The word “audit” carries negative connotations, which is unfortunate. Audits from SafetyPro are not punitive—they are corrective and educational. Much of our company background involves auditing, as well as helping companies prepare for audits. We know what OSHA looks for and stay up-to-date on all standards and requirements, helping your company and workers stay safe and compliant. We listen to you and learn about your processes, so we can offer effective improvements. 

Basically, our safety audit process includes:

  1. Risk analysis
  2. Safety promotion
  3. Assessments of human performance
  4. Accident and near-miss investigations
  5. Safety training, if needed

When we start working with a client on an audit, we schedule an in-person meeting with the client and one of our auditors. We ask the contractors to answer and provide supporting documentation according to protocol. Then, we verify that documentation.

Next, we present your company with recommendations to help you take appropriate action on our findings. The audit will arm you with all the information you need to patch any holes and bolster existing processes in your safety program.


We’re Not the Safety Police

SafetyPro Resources has well-trained safety specialists that perform professional safety audits so we can help your workers and company learn and improve. We are not the safety police and we do not issue punishments or judgments. 

Our approach has earned us the trust and confidence of many crews and contractors. They know we have their safety and well-being in mind, and their trust in us encourages follow-through that makes everyone safer. Keep SafetyPro in mind as you prepare for your next safety audit.

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