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Posted by
Lance Roux
on Sep 13, 2018

isn implAre you interested in contracting with the chemical industry?  How about energy?  Manufacturing?  If you answered “yes” to any of these, chances are you have not heard of ISNetworld® (or ISN).

ISN is the global resource for connecting qualified contractors and suppliers with Hiring Clients around the globe. 

The key word is “qualified.”  Workplace safety is on a constant revolution to continuously improve.  Lance Roux, CSP said, “If you want to work with the majors in particular, you need to demonstrate that you have a proactive safety program.  The fact is, they can’t afford to have unsafe contractors on their site.”

The first step is implementation.

Before you can “connect” and after you have setup your ISN profile, the task of submitting safety, insurance and regulatory information can be so daunting that you may be tempted to start filing with your throwing arm.  The trick is to not let your inner Cy Young get the better of you.  “Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”

The Process – Collect. Verify. Connect.  By collecting and reviewing safety, insurance and regulatory information, ISN streamlines the contractor qualification process.

From your collection of written safety programs to OSHA logs and from certificates of insurance to training documents, ISN “reduces the duplicative process of pre-qualifying and maintaining compliance with each Hiring Client individually.”  In other words, you submit the information once and it is shared with multiple Hiring Clients. All of the submitted information is reviewed and verified which leads to successful connection.

When you’re all set – the next step is monitoring.


You’re now connected!  Your crew is “boots on the ground and working hard” at one or two of the major industries around the globe.  Your profits are on the rise.  Are you monitoring your ISN account?  Changes are lurking everywhere and before you know it – the words “expired” and “action required” are starting to monopolize your most valuable time.  Say it with me – continuous monitoring.  You should be monitoring your ISN account continuously, but it doesn’t mean logging in once a month. Can you spare that much time?

Contractors can track and manage company-level information and receive notifications of upcoming expirations or changes in requirements.  ISN also allows contractors to manage employee-level training through tools such as Training Manager and the Online Training Tool.

Implementation is one thing, but monitoring is a completely different hurdle.  Does it seem that both are too challenging or overwhelming for you to handle?  I can promise you this – you are not alone.  Topsy-turvy is not the best place for anyone, so why not put your faith in someone you can trust?


ISN is saving your company some time by streamlining and eliminating duplicative processes.  Why not let professionals save you more time by handling the nitty gritty?  Consider outsourcing someone to help you through the implementation process and can provide continuous account monitoring. Yes, the journey may be daunting, but with the right help, the process gets a lot easier. 

Lance Roux, CSP said, “Remember that safety management is about more than just compliance.  It’s about being proactive and keeping your employees safe and your company healthy.”

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Source: ISNetworld®

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