The Key Benefits of Using Safety Tracking Software

Posted by
Lance Roux
on Jan 15, 2015

safety_tracking_softwareThere are numerous benefits when it comes to utilizing an effective safety tracking software program. A reliable safety management system has the ability to empower companies to improve overall safety by being proactive, scalable and comprehensive. Such programs allow organizations to accurately and effectively track safety activities and data such as injuries and incidents and monitor how they evolve over time. The successful tracking of such data gives companies a clear picture of what safety looks like as a whole over time and where they can make adjustments and improvements. These types of programs can ultimately reduce loss payouts, insurance premiums, property damage lost days and OSHA fines.

A dependable comprehensive program will allow organizations to manage and track safety by providing a proactive toolset to identify trouble areas and develop safety management strategies that directly and positively impact the bottom line. Some various tools found within such software include safety management inspection checklists, safety recommendation tracking, training tracking, hazard management, behavioral based observation tracking, and incident and injury management. The data entered into the program can be compiled into various tabs and accessed within a dashboard format for ease of use and to aid in effectively tracking key safety performance metrics.

Some key benefits to a reliable safety management system include:

  • The ability to evaluate safety performance in an instant
  • Mitigation of risk though maintaining ongoing compliance
  • The capability to streamline safety processes and eliminate duplications of data
  • Track and ensure corrective actions are completed in a timely manner
  • The means to gain comparable results across an organization with consistent protocols and processes

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