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“They've had my business for over 5 years, but more importantly, my trust. There's truly no trait I value more in any business partner.”

- Ron Stelly, owner of Robo Dock & Door

Process Safety Management (PSM) Consulting

We can help you achieve Process Safety Management (PSM) compliance, meet regulations, and enhance efficient and reliable operations.

We provide a full range of Process Safety Management (PSM) services including:

  • Auditing for PSM & RMP programs
    • Includes all elements of PSM
    • Includes review of RMP submission
  • Process Hazard Analysis
    • Includes use of HAZOP, Checklist, and other methods
    • Includes use of PHA-Pro 8 software or other supplied by client
    • Electronic and/or paper reporting
  • Layers Of Protection Analysis (LOPA) using client or RAGAGEP procedures 
  • Event Tree Analysis using RAGAGEP methodology
  • Safety Instrumented System (SIS)
    • Front-end analysis using LOPA or Event tree to determine SIL levels
  • Specialty PSM element reviews including Mechanical Integrity, PHA, MOC/PSSR, and others
  • Technical Writing
    • Applicability studies
    • Operating Procedures
    • Specialty reviews