Contractor Management Software Subscription: How SafetyPro Can Help

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Lance Roux
on Mar 2, 2023

When trying to secure your next big contract, bidding on a new project is only half the battle. Even after winning the bid, the hiring client will want you to subscribe to the contractor management software of their choice.

This may seem simple enough, but submitting safety data for review on these platforms is a sizable time commitment. Luckily, safety consultants are a great tool for expediting this process and ensuring you’re approved the first time around. Whether you’re seeking compliance with ISNetworld®, Avetta, Veriforce, or another procurement database, a safety consultant’s expertise can make all the difference. 

To help you score your next job, let’s explore some of the benefits of contractor management software, ways to maximize your subscriptions to help maintain OSHA compliance, and how SafetyPro can help you achieve your compliance goals.

What is Contractor Management Software and Why Do You Need it?

Contractor management software helps companies manage work that is outsourced to contract workers and suppliers. These platforms assist in every stage of a working contract’s lifecycle, including creation, negotiation, execution, and administration of contracts.

Contractor management solutions, often referred to as procurement databases, aid in pre-qualification of contractors and suppliers, ensuring that the company is compliant and following industry and government standards and regulations. There are several databases that you can subscribe to, and different clients may request that you become a member of their preferred platform. Common contractor management solutions include Avetta, ISNetworld®, ComplyWorks, and Veriforce.

While all of these procurement sites conduct the same work on paper, there are a few factors that might influence a client to prefer one over another. Avetta is used by several industries, including construction, healthcare, and manufacturing, so larger companies in those fields are much more likely to work out of this site. Similarly, ISNetworld® is typically used by the four main energy sectors, oil, gas, electric, and wind, as well as some manufacturing and packaging. This means that most contracts you earn for an organization in the energy industry will likely request that you gain ISNetworld® compliance.

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ComplyWorks is the second biggest contractor management system after ISNetworld®, and claims to offer the most affordable pricing. Businesses across industries turn to ComplyWorks for their supplier management, bid management, audit, preventative maintenance, and safety tracking tools. Finally, Veriforce is similar to Avetta and ISNetworld®, but they focus more on risk management and offering full visibility into the hiring client’s supply chain.

Overall, clients you hope to work with will prioritize contractors and suppliers who earn compliance certifications through their preferred contractor management software, so it’s important to remain flexible and open to having multiple memberships.

These software solutions can be used to store and manage safety-related documents and information, including OSHA regulations, training records, safety plans, inspection reports, and any open or pending OSHA violations from the last three years. They can be used to track safety incidents, schedule safety meetings, and monitor the completion of corrective action plans. 

Keeping all of this essential information in one place not only helps hiring clients find the best-fit contractor, but allows businesses to easily ensure they are following any and all necessary safety regulations and procedures. This can help you see red flags before they become incidents, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries in your workplace. Additionally, by automating and streamlining many of these safety procedures through contractor management software, you can more easily stay compliant and reduce the risk of liability.

How SafetyPro Can Help Make the Process Seamless

Once you win a bid on a new project, the hiring company will likely request that you subscribe to their contractor management software, which is typically either ISNetworld®, Avetta, or Veriforce. You pay for the software subscription and log in to realize the work has only just started. 

You will need to upload a high volume of safety documents and data to be submitted for review. This will include your safety policies, three years’ worth of OSHA 300 logs, and certificates of insurance. Beyond that, you’ll have to answer hundreds of questions regarding your company and safety programs in a safety compliance questionnaire.

Not only is the process long and frustrating, but because of the strict guidelines of these contractor management sites, there is a good chance that your first submission will be rejected. This is where SafetyPro comes in.

Our team of expert safety professionals are well-versed in all of the most commonly used procurement database sites and can assist you in every step of the way. Safety consultants can help you submit the required data, work with you to develop a safety policy that meets the compliance requirements of the specific contractor management software, and can even answer those hundreds of questions to get you approved quickly. 

Highly trained SafetyPro consultants will help you avoid the typical pitfalls associated with earning the necessary compliance certifications so you can get to work on your new contract as soon as possible. 

How Contractor Management Software Keeps You OSHA Compliant

Thankfully, contractor management software memberships aren’t just money pits to satisfy the needs of the hiring client. These databases are an excellent and effective way to ensure you stay OSHA compliant.

Store, track, and access all of your safety and health documentation in one place for quick access and easy management. OSHA regulations, training records, safety plans, injury reports, and inspection records can all be maintained within the contractor management software to make your day-to-day life a bit easier.

Features for managing compliance tasks, such as scheduling safety meetings, tracking incidents, and monitoring current corrective action plans simplifies sharing essential safety data with OSHA. 

These processes can all be automated through the software as well, so you always have the most up-to-date data on your company’s compliance status and can take the necessary steps needed to maintain it. 

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If you’re a contractor or supplier, you will likely need to subscribe to one of these contractor management software sites at one point or another. While the initial submission and review process can be extensive and draining, the benefits greatly outweigh the negatives.

Storing and managing safety data and documentation while automating safety processes can make all the difference in your company’s workflow and OSHA compliance. Earning compliance certifications through these procurement databases not only satisfies the needs of the hiring client that made the request, but keeps you greenlit for future contracts.

A safety professional can expedite your pre-qualification and review process by reducing errors and omissions, quickly answering lengthy questionnaires, and monitoring your account to maintain compliance over time. Reach out to a SafetyPro Consultant today to streamline this process, improve your company’s database rating, and set yourself up for success with current and future contracts.

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