VeroDMS Compliance Made Easy: Best Practice for Industrial Contractors

Posted by
Lance Roux
on Oct 10, 2023

Effective document management is critical for a healthy safety practice. It becomes even more vital for contractors due to the diverse range of documents they handle, from client contracts to project plans. 

One tool that stands out in document management solutions is VeroDMS. Ensuring compliance within VeroDMS can streamline operations and maintain trust with clients. In this article, we'll walk you through the best practices to make VeroDMS compliance a breeze for industrial contractors.


Before diving into compliance, it's crucial to grasp what VeroDMS is. VeroDMS, or Vero Document Management System, is a platform that aids businesses in organizing, storing, and managing their documents electronically. It's designed to simplify document retrieval, ensure document security, and enhance collaboration, making it a go-to for contractors across sectors.


  1. Client Trust: Consistent compliance establishes you as a reliable and trustworthy contractor, paramount in building lasting client relationships.

  2. Efficiency: Compliance ensures all your documents are in order, eliminating time wasted searching for misplaced files.

  3. Risk Mitigation: Adhering to compliance standards reduces the risk of data breaches and potential legal complications.

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  1. Proper Document Categorization
  • Use Folder Hierarchies: Organize documents in a structured manner using folder hierarchies that reflect your business operations.
  • Tagging: Implement tagging practices for easy document retrieval. Use industry-standard tags and create custom ones specific to each project.
  1. Regular Audits
  • Monthly Checks: Set aside time each month to review the documents you've added to the system. Ensure they're correctly categorized, tagged, and free from redundancies.
  • Engage External Auditors: Consider bringing in an external auditor annually to ensure you see all compliance aspects.
  1. Limit Access
  • Role-Based Access: Assign document access based on roles within your organization. Only some people need access to all documents.
  • Regularly Update Access Rights: As employees join, move, or leave projects, update their access rights accordingly.
  1. Implement Version Control
  • Maintain Previous Versions: Instead of overwriting documents, use VeroDMS's version control. This ensures you have a record of all changes made.
  • Document Changes: When updating a document, briefly describe what was changed, ensuring clarity for all team members.
  1. Educate Your Team
  • Training: Organize regular training sessions to update your team about VeroDMS features and compliance requirements.
  • Open Communication: Encourage team members to ask questions or express concerns about using the system.
  1. Backup Regularly
  • Scheduled Backups: Automate your backups regularly, ensuring you have saved recent data.
  • Offsite Storage: Consider keeping a copy of your VeroDMS data offsite. This can be invaluable in case of system failures or cyber-attacks.
  1. Stay Updated
  • Software Updates: VeroDMS, like all software, evolves. Keep your system updated to benefit from enhanced features and security patches.
  • Industry Compliance Standards: As a contractor, compliance standards specific to your industry may change. Stay informed and adjust your practices accordingly.


Even with the best practices, challenges will arise. Some common hurdles contractors face include:

  1. Resistance to Change: Employees might refrain from transitioning to a new system or adhering to compliance guidelines.

  2. Data Migration: Data migration can be complex if switching to VeroDMS from another DMS.

  3. Customization: VeroDMS offers a plethora of customization options. While beneficial, it can also lead to decision paralysis for contractors.


VeroDMS compliance doesn't have to be a daunting task. By understanding the system's importance and adopting the best practices outlined above, contractors can ensure compliance and enhance operational efficiency. Remember, the goal isn't just to comply but to leverage VeroDMS as a tool that adds value to your company, driving growth and fostering lasting client relationships.

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