Touchdown Safety! The Importance of Team Safety Self-Awareness

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Lance Roux
on Mar 12, 2015

When working in any industry, it is important to realize just how much everyone is part of a team rather than just individuals. Each person has a specific job that brings us closer to our company’s goals if done safely and properly, this is the essence of safety self-awareness. Taking personality assessments are a great starting point in allowing companies to better analyze employee personality traits, as well they work as a team. After assessments and analysis are completed, companies can use this information to better guide their employees to being more self-aware. In doing so, employees can better their work environment and reduce risk levels as a team rather than an uphill battle individually.

Football and the Workforce:

A great example of this can be viewed is much like how a football team works, a group of individuals striving to win a game, just as we are trying to sell our company’s products and values. Check out our infographics on how companies and football teams correlate.

Team Safety self-awarenes

Team safety self-awareness

The owners and coaches of the team are representative of the owner and heads of the company, on the sidelines making sure everyone is doing their job properly. The goal of the team is to avoid getting hit by the opposing team of risks and hazards. OSHA referees call out if someone does something hazardous or receives an injury; their goal is to help the company be safe as they can while reaching their goal.

The quarterback is the field supervisor, surveying any possible hazards and assessing how to get to the “end zone”. Wide receivers and running backs are the foremen or the team leaders that assist the quarterback in making sure the jobs get done. Then you have the offensive line, the workers and administrators keeping things running smoothly and efficiently by doing the tasks assigned to them by the supervisors and managers. The defensive line of human relations, safety technicians and repairmen are there to assist when the going gets tough and repairs may be necessary. 

Key Takeaways:

As a company, your end goal should be to perform all necessary tasks both safely and efficiently so as to make a profit. Everyone must play a crucial role for this to work, without administrators there would be no proper organizational systems, without workers nothing would get done, and without supervisors there would never be a way of knowing if the jobs were performed correctly. Managing your hazard risk and listening to all parts of the team brings your company one step closer to zero injuries. Click the link below to take our risk assessments free and begin to see how you can improve your team's safety self-awareness.

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