How Do I Maintain My ISNetworld® Compliance?

Posted by
Lance Roux
on Feb 9, 2023

When you budgeted for the set-up costs of compliance with the ISNetworld® contractor management platform, did you consider the ongoing time and money required to maintain that compliance? Once you have clearance to work, you will be expected to maintain your account as required. Failing to do so disqualifies you from further jobs. 

It’s no secret that keeping your approval in good standing can be cumbersome. But after putting so much effort into achieving your ISNetworld® compliance and opening up lucrative business opportunities, why risk losing those valuable income streams? Having a safety consultant can help maintain your rating and keep your business growing.

Why You Need ISNetworld®, Avetta, and Other Procurement Database Compliance

Achieving the ISNetworld® or other procurement database compliance expands your business opportunities to include major industry players. These third-party contractor clearing houses are used to verify a company has the qualifications and certifications to work with large employers. The companies can then use the databases to find, evaluate, and approve contractors to work on their projects.

With ISNetworld®, Avetta, Veriforce, and other procurement databases becoming the norm in the oil and gas, construction, and power generation industries, these platforms offer contractors the ability to demonstrate competence while improving their safety and compliance performance. The first step is to get the ISNetworld® compliance certification. The second step is maintaining compliance, which is sometimes more difficult than it appears.

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Step One: Achieving ISNetworld® Compliance

ISNetworld® certification can be a daunting process involving thousands of questions and potentially hundreds of document creations and submissions. 

To successfully achieve ISNetworld® approval, each contractor must complete the following:

  1. Set up an ISNetworld® account, providing extensive information about the company, safety programs, insurance coverage, and key company positions and contacts.
  2. Complete the ISNetworld® Readiness, Assessment, and Verification Services (RAVS) component. This section contains questions requiring you to prove you are compliant with industry standards, regulations, and requirements. These are not simple or straightforward, and many questions will require multiple types of document submission to verify your qualifications.
  3. Engage in the on-site audit, completed by a qualified RAVS auditor, to further verify the information you provided in the ISNetworld® RAVS component.
  4. Pass the audit and then maintain your proof of compliance with an annual ISNetworld® recertification.

Mistakes at any point in the process can cost additional time and money to fix. Bringing in a professional safety consultant can prevent errors and speed up the approval process.

Step Two: Maintaining ISNetworld® Compliance

ISNetworld® and other third-party procurement websites cannot assume you keep your qualifications up to date. They will perform their due diligence to ensure you remain qualified to work in the major industries. 

With ever-changing standards, regulations, and requirements, they may also require you to update your qualifications to meet new certification thresholds as they arise. It is not optional to keep up with the changes—failing to do so can strip you of your good standing. 

Other challenges of maintaining your ISNetworld® compliance include:

  1. Regular submission of company information, safety programs, insurance certificates, and key contacts. This includes submission of documents to verify the information.
  2. Staying ahead of changing regulations and requirements and providing proof through ISNetworld® that you are in compliance. This may require industry-specific training and specialized audits, and it is your responsibility to know what is needed.
  3. Tracking and submitting safety incidents, including documenting steps taken to prevent incident recurrence. This is a resource-consuming process that may require investigations, retraining, or updating of safety programs and procedures. ISNetworld® expects these incidents to be reported in a timely manner.
  4. Adding additional documented qualifications as you seek to qualify for jobs with multiple or specific large contractors. They may have special requirements outside of the regular ISNetworld® qualifications, but without them, you will be passed over for lucrative work.
  5. Meeting the deadlines for ongoing paperwork, which will exceed the requirements already mentioned. Many contractors find it challenging to continuously track down and submit the ISNetworld® requests.
  6. Passing the annual audit, which is a complex and time-consuming process. The auditor will verify all information and documentation. Additionally, the auditor will visit job sites to ensure you are working to the safety and quality standards you claim you currently adhere to.

There are software programs available to help with ISNetworld® compliance, and some contractors develop their own systems for staying ahead of the process. 

This in-house ISNetworld® compliance system requires a high level of company resources and specialized knowledge of multiple industries and the changing requirements of each. There is the additional need for extensive ISNetworld® training to understand the framework, timelines, and process changes. This is on top of having a thorough understanding of general safety regulations and standards, safety program development, and ongoing training requirements.

With the extent of the time and money required for ongoing ISNetworld® maintenance, it is not uncommon for contractors to bring in a professional ISNetworld® consultant.

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How a Professional ISNetworld® Consultant Helps Maintain Your Compliance Rating

ISNetworld® consultants have the knowledge, training, and experience to ensure your account maintains its ISNetworld® standing and design safety programs in a way that can improve your overall rating. This higher rating can give you a competitive advantage by making your company stand out when the large industry players are looking for reliable and qualified contractors. 

With the speed and regularity of ISNetworld® changes and requirements, having a qualified safety consultant as part of your extended team is one of the most economical ways to stay ahead of the curve. It ensures your company is always in good standing with ISNetworld® and a wide variety of industries offering lucrative work.

There are varying levels of support packages an ISNetworld® SafetyPro consultant can provide. A safety consultant offers higher ISNetworld® platform ratings, customized safety programs, corrective action plans, knowledge of audit procedures, and the potential for on-call safety consulting. This provides an ROI that far exceeds both in-house compliance attempts and hourly safety consulting fees. 

Working with a SafetyPro expert is the best way to remain ISNetworld® compliant, get noticed by large industry employers, and grow your prospects for some of the most lucrative work available.

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